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List Of Approved/Banned Mods!

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List Of Approved/Banned Mods!

Post by DeadPaul on Tue Jun 07, 2016 1:49 pm

KingsCraft List of Approved/Banned mods!

Allowed mods:

Optifine is a mod that is mostly used for boosting FPS (Frames per second) so it is perfectly fine to use! It is also used for other things like connected textures.

Better Sprint:
Better Sprint is a mod that makes you able to press a button (and toggle) to sprint, and is a very useful addition for PvP. However it is not banned because it is already sort of in default Minecraft. (You can just press the CRTL button)

Armor/Potion Status Hud:
ArmorHUD and PotionStatus are an extremely beneficial mod for PvP! This mod shows you the current wear on your armor, and shows you potions that are currently affecting you!

Damage Indicators:
Damage Indicators displays the health of another mob/player which is a useful addition for PvP as it shows the hearts of a player mid battle. It is allowed as it has been a feature on our server where it displays a players hearts under their tag.

Minimaps that do not show players, are welcomed! We suggest using fair-play addition mods such as JourneyMod (Fair-play edition) , Or Rei's minimap mod (Fair-play edition)

Shaders only make your game look nicer Smile So they are most definitely allowed.

World Downloader:
World downloader allows the downloading of chunks to view walls/bases in a single player world. This brings a unique aspect to raiding!

Schematica: Schematica allows a player to use a blueprint of a cannon/base. (Printer via schematica is NOT allowed)

Misc. Mods:
Mods that edit sound/font/look of the game are allowed, no questions asked!

Disallowed mods:

Hacked / cracked clients:
Hacked clients such as Zapped, Huzuni and many others are strictly banned on FearPvP as they alter your game entirely to an extent. Like every disallowed mod, you will be permanently banned using any of these.

Auto-clickers are a pretty self-explanatory mod, they allow you to just sit there while it does the clicking for you! Obviously this is banned on FearPvP, Any users caught using one will be permanently banned without question.

X-ray texture packs:
X-ray texture packs, or Cave mapping texture packs, are not allowed because it does the same thing as a Hacked Client would, minus the pvp aspect. Therefore, it is banned.

Misc. Mods:
Any mods that make name tags brighter/Bigger are disallowed, because this provides an unfair advantage for those trying to raid/Hide from specific players during PvP.

For those who think just because it was not mentioned on here, it is allowed. That is not the case, by any means. Any mod that gives you an advantage over other players is a permanent ban.
The disallowed mods page is just a basic overview, any mods that fall under the criteria of said mods, are not allowed/bannable.

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