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Post by DeadPaul on Tue Jun 07, 2016 1:45 pm

Regarding chat offences, if a user has already been punished for this offence (That the staff know of) you may double the punishment time. The offender also has 3 seconds to stop whatever chat offence they are breaching after a verbal warning is given, if they ignore this then a more severe punishment is given.
Staff may also be lenient on Level 1 offences, meaning that the punishment can be below the recommended punishment given.
In-Game Rules:
Punishments Given
Level 1 (Chat Violations)

-Anything that is repetitive or sent multiple times in order to catch attention

-Character Spam is putting multiple characters or symbols in chat (Eg: “Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”)

-Sending messages to a point that the chat is filled with them
30 Minute Mute

Spam Promoting
-Encouraging spam (Eg: First one to say ‘123’ will get a free sweet)
30 Minute Mute
English in main chat
-You are very welcome to use your own language via /msg or /f chat.

-We have this rule so that moderation is equal to everyone (We don’t know what’s being said)
10 Minute Mute
Faction spam
-Repeating a faction command so that it draws attention to something in chat
1 Hour Tempban
Severe cases is a ban
Light Advertising
-Attempting to draw players to a server. No ip posted or spam. Eg: “Lets go on MooMc guys!”
/msg is excluded
Allowed, if it is spammed then 30 Minute Mute.

Youtube/Twitch Advertising
-If your content is not KingsCraft related then this is not permitted.
1 Hour Mute
Level 2 (Verbal Abuse)

-Putting people down because of their religion, race or gender. This includes using the “N” word in public chat.

30 Minute Mute
1 day mute
3 day tempban
1 week tempban

Excess Vulgarity
-Basically filling your sentance with naughty words in public chat. (Eg: such my ass you b**ch c***)
30 Minute Mute
Arguing with a staff member
-If the staff member has told you countless times that this discussion is over and you ignore this request/command
1 Hour Mute
Selling accounts
-This is usually a phishing attempt
1 hour Mute
Staff/Youtuber Impersonating
- Pretending to be a staff member or a well known Youtuber. (via /nick or talking in chat about it)
Verbal Warning

1 Hour Tempban
Genuine Threats, or death threats and comments

-Threatening/bullying a user to a point that does not sound like ‘trash talk’. (Eg: “go kill yourself” or “go drink bleach”)
Any attempt to get around the death threat rule will result in a 3 day tempban. (Eg: “Go fall from a building and land on pillows”)
3 day mute

(We take this very seriously)
Level 3 (Minor Violations)

Abusing a bug
- Abusing a bug that won’t affect the economy but does effect PvP/Factions.
1 Day - 1 Week Tempban, depending on severity.
Abusing /nick
-Abusing your ranks ability to use /nick by making your nick nearly the same as another player’s name.
Verbal Warning

1 Hour Tempban
20 Chunk Buffer
-If your claim area is more than 20 chunks each side then you could be subject to punishments.
-Chunk buffer must give an advantage to be considered punishable.
Verbal Warning or a PM to the leader (To change).

Forced unclaim (After 24 hours).

Using mods that are not allowed
This includes using radar that shows player entities or Schematica’s printer add on. A list of allowed mods can be found at the bottom of this page.
2 week ban
Verbal abuse towards staff
-Saying rude or toxic things to a staff member

-Negative comments about a staff member’s abilities IS allowed.
Verbal Warnng

1 Hour Mute

Advertising (not spam)
-Posting an IP but not spamming it on any chat.
Misleading a staff member on purpose (trolling)
- Causing a staff member to reach incorrect conclusion because of misleading information(On purpose)
3 Day Tempban
DDoS Threats
-Threatening to DDoS
someone. (Must be in game/on forums).
1 Week Tempban
Level 4 (Serious Violations)

Abusing a severe bug
-Abusing a bug that can affect everything and anything(Eg: duping)
Perm Ban

This is very much subject on the severity of the bug you abused!
General Hacks
-Hacks that don’t give a major advantage but are still giving advantages.
Eg: Sprinting + eating, chest ESP,
1 Month Ban
Hardcore Hacks
-KillAura, Anti-Knockback,  Regen, Fly, Xray, criticals, etc
Perm Ban
Ban Evading
-Using another account to play if main account is muted or banned.
Perm Ban for all accounts involved. Possible IP ban.
Abusing staff combat tag/abusing combat
Staff do not receive a combat tag timer, you are not allowed to use /leap, tp out, or log out or use combat exploits to forcefully get out of combat.
2 hours for abusing staff ct
3 days for exploiting the combat plugin to log out in combat
Cobble monstering
Cobble monstering is NOT allowed anywhere in the map
1 week tempban
Scamming real life money
-If a player is at a ‘real’ financial loss because you/they have not held up to what you/they agreed
Perm Ban
(The player that caused the person to lose financially)
-Giving out another user’s personal information, such as their Skype name, IRL name, location (address), IP, etc.
Perm Ban

Clarifications - These are NOT punishable(At the moment)

Tpa Killing
This is part of factions, think before you tpa to someone
Same as Tpa Killing.
We feel that this would not go down well with the Fear community, Factions is meant to be all about destroying and pillaging. Don’t turn it into excessive vulgarity, though.
Staff disrespect
I personally feel staff should be able to take criticism and improve on that. If they can’t do that then they shouldn’t be staff. If you disrespecting the staff breaches any of the player rules then this would be punishable! This should NOT turn into arguing with a staff member.
Enjin Wall
Posting Ips or other ‘stuff’ on your wall is allowed. This is because it is part of Enin, not KingsCraft.
Voting for others
At the moment this is allowed

1. All staff members are expected to fully enforce these rules. Do not complain about punishments if you have broken these rules.
2. Staff reserve the right to increase punishments if necessary in order to keep the peace, up to and including a permanent ban from KingsCraft.
3. If a rule is not written up here, staff may make a judgement decision and an admin will review the decision once he is notified to see if it is justified or not so don’t go complaining saying “It wasn’t in the rules”

Thank You for minding the rules, and have fun playing on KingsCraft!

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